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Clearly Obtuse

Aug 29, 2020

Welcome to Clearly Obtuse where we experiment with found objects and create a soundscape. It is not our goal to provide answers, rather we are here to present the known, the understood and make it into something unknown, uncomfortable and challenge your perceptions. Hey I am Tea Alan and I will be your untrustworthy beacon on this journey. I have always wondered what an avant garde podcast would sound like, so here you go, my attempt. If you get offended, then you probably are coming into this with your own preconceived notions. If you want to find a way to rule the world, go read Sun Zu or Lao Tzu, if you just want to listen, well you are about to get confused. Some of you are blindly patriotic to your system of government, we will help you see through warped goggles. The United States has 2 major political parties, some would argue there is a lot of gridlock for the past few decades, some would say that it was set up this way so no one party gets to much power. Just think if we had more than 2 parties, lets try 9 parties that have parliamentary representation and 12 other parties that are either unregistered or have no representatives in the parliament. You may say to yourself; nothing would ever get done. In some places this is not true, they have more than 2 political parties and get the work of the people done, or the work of their financial supporters, just like here in the States. Can you handle more than two parties? Take a listen.


Our thanks, but for sure they aren't thanking us, are the main 9 parties in Finland. Here are their websites

Social Democrats:

Finns Party:

National Coalition Party:

Centre Party:

Green League:

Left Alliance:

Swedish Peoples Party:  

Christian Democrats:

Movement Now:


So there you have it, 9 parties, did you find yourself rooting for one or more of these parties? Did you find commonality between your beliefs and some of the goals that these parties desire? Are you sure the ideas you cherish are your own or are they your interpretation of what your political leanings are. Do you even know what you believe or want. You have choices because as we said there are two major political parties in the States, but there are others. You just don’t vote for them because you think they can’t win.

                The ideas expressed here may or may not be the ideas of Gagglepod, in fact many of the ideas are not supported by gagglepod. All Gagglepod is is our network sponsors where we help creatives tell their stories with the power of podcasting. Take a look at and see all of our shows. We have more than two, and we are growing. If you need help with expressing your story get in touch with us, we would love to help you out.

                For more Clearly Obtuse you can reach out to us at or go to our website to listen to more seasons and episodes. This is what the avant garde sounds like in our minds, what about you? Tea Alan here until next time, experiment, don’t accept what you were taught.